Pic My Face is powerful tool for events. Wherever you go, your face exposes you. Facial recognition in combination with cameras is a powerful tool that can track every step on the event. Softech Solutions brings powerful tool for any event that need face-recognition. Pic my face is a social network that combine biometrics technology and networking potential on events whether you organize company event, wedding or party.

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You are just step away from using your biometric elements as a search engine. Face search and facial recognition are few of many tools that target individuals. By creating profile, you can easily find photos or videos of yourself. Search engines are becoming ever smarter in managing massive amounts of data.

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Facial-recognition technology is making it possible to personalize the event experience more than ever. Implementing this technology allowing event stakeholders to create truly personalized experiences that offer a sense of surprise and delight alongside the opportunity to streamline numerous activities and functions of an event. Facial recognition software can also pick up on attendee emotions and reward them for it.

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Every powerful technology comes with great responsibility. Respecting people’s privacy and handling metadata in a transparent and prudent manner is a necessity. Every party that has access to this type of information should be trustworthy and held accountable to the highest standards.

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